Friday, October 15, 2010

I detest rewrites

But I'm going to force myself to rewrite the first chapter of "A Stolen Winter" (ASW) today anyways. I tried to read it last night and I just couldn't do. It's a horribly written chapter, especially when Calla thinks about her siblings and compares herself to them in appearance and temperament. People do not do that randomly. I know I don't randomly start comparing myself to Krissy. I didn't even get to the kidnapping part but I'm sure it's horrible too.

The only positive thing is I have some great ideas to make it better. I'll just cut the whole description of Cormac and Delia entirely. I'm pretty sure Wesley describes Delia when he first sees her anyways. For the kidnapping part I plan for Morgan to not say anything and Calla to only hear things such as footsteps when she runs. I think it would be creepier.  I'm also planning to add more details when she’s talking to Fred.

Now I'm starting to feel excited, but I know that won't last long.

Last night I read IHB's first chapter too and it wasn't much better. I didn't read my other two books' but I don't think they'll be as bad. "The Forsaken" is a sequel so I wouldn't have tried to describe characters' appearances as much and in "Lies of Perfection" Mercy is too busy trying to steal from Target to think about appearances and trivial things like that.

Yes, my main character in LoP is a thief...

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